SL Series High Output Full Spectrum LED Light - 4' - 144w

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144 Watt - SL SERIES High Output Full Spectrum LED Light

4' - 5000K - 96 CRI

PerformaLUX® High Output Full Spectrum LED Lights bring modern look and energy efficiency to a new level.
Replace your tired, worn out HID and Fluorescent light fixtures with high output PerformaLUX┬« High Output Full Spectrum LED Lights.  

These super efficient and powerful LED lights provide crisp, flicker-free light to any grow, warehouse, manufacturing facility, laboratory, or other demanding location, while saving 80% electricity compared to HPS, 75% compared to Metal Halide and fluorescent lights.

Easy to install and economical, these workhorses provide years of service, with TM-21 rated L70 lifetime of over 80,000 hours.

Eliminate up to 90% of your maintenance costs by not having to replaced burned out bulbs and tubes.

These lights come in a very light weight format and run on DC low voltage, with very low amps and a separate driver that converts from 120v AC.
This low voltage feature means you can run these safely with light-gauge wire and locate the driver remotely in a safe dry location.

5 Year PerformaLUX® Manufacturer Warranty