Inda-Gro Induction Grow Light with Red LED Pontoons

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Inda-Gro Vertical Induction Grow Light with Red LED Pontoons - Pro-420-VPAR-Combo


  • Our VPAR series induction grow lights are the perfect solution for the indoor garden where tall plants and dense canopies make it difficult for overhead lighting to penetrate down into the lower branches for increased crop production.
  • Emits light out of both sides of the fixture, in a 300° pattern to optimize vertical canopy light distribution.
  • Stackable construction allows our VPAR fixtures to be joined together as plant heights increase.
  • Includes two pair of Red LED Pontoons with 28 ea. 660nm (red) diodes to enhance chlorophyll B production for flowering plants.
  • Produces 1/3 the heat of comparable HID lamps. Allows lamps to get closer to plants without damaging them.
  • Consumes 70% less power than comparable HID lamps.
  • Single broad spectrum lamp takes your plants from vegetative thru flowering with no relamping.
  • Long 100,000 hour rated lamp life with only a 10% PPF depreciation over 70,000 hours.
  • Consistent intensities and stable spectrums for years of high quality repeatable crop production.
  • Comes fully assembled. No tools required for easy installation.
  • Available in two per box packaging options
  • 10 year prorated lamp and ballast warranty
  • Universal power supplies 120-277v – 50/60 Hz
  • Power Draw: 460
  • Current Draw: 3.83A @ 120VAC | 1.92A @ 240VAC
  • Watts/Region: (V) 45.8, (C) 25.3, (F) 60.7
  • Should have eligibility for utility rebates and accelerated tax credits
  • MSDS Induction Grow Lamp Available