FULL SPECTRUM LEDS Spectrum analysis

Our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are made up of individual diodes that are designed to a wide spectrum of wavelengths necessary for plant photosynthesis. Plant photosynthesis requires many wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are mainly the reds, oranges and blues in the 580-630nm and 420-470nm ranges. Our Full Spectrum High CRI LED Grow Lights have the optimal blend of diode ratio best suited for indoor growing based on the photosynthetic action radiation necessary for plant growth as seen below.


The Black Line is the McCree Action Spectrum = What a plant needs!
In 1972, KJ McCree published his influential paper describing the action spectra for 22 plant species. This work was originally done in order to provide an accurate definition of PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation), which had not been previously described empirically. The action spectra described by McCree plots the efficiency or quantum yield of CO2 assimilation as a function of wavelength. Interestingly, similar action spectra were observed for the 22 plant species.

Our Lights fill the box and give the plants what they need!

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