HPS vs LED Grow Lights

Growing indoor plants with High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow lights is one of the most choices. There are many growers who are converting to using LED Grow Lights, their numbers are increasing rapidly with each day. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that there are all kinds of questions about them and people wonder if they really are better than HPS Grow Lights. Do they save money? Do LED lights flower crops when you need them to? It seems that LED lights might be better for both your wallet and the environment, so why not take a closer look at LED grow lights vs HPS lights? A lot of people think that it sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that there are very good reasons to choose LED lights.

Spectrum Comparison

            HPS                                              Full Spectrum 5000K LEDs

The Grow Light Challenge

It is expensive and time consuming attempting to grow plants indoors. Artificial light sources can drive up the price dramatically. Attempting to replicate the July sun in your home isn’t easy, after all. Before the LED Grow light trend, HPS Grow Lights were the standard and they were always very power hungry! It’s always been a challenge to find the most power efficient Grow Lighting source, while also producing more full spectrum light.

The LED Grow Light Solution

Compared to HPS Grow Lights, LED Grow Lights shine brighter in every way. In particular, the light spectrum or Color Rendering Index (CRI) and heat (Kelvin Rating) that LED Lights put out is something to be admired. Why High CRI LEDs?

  • Full Light Spectrum A lot of people worry about the kind of spectrum and intensity that LED lights can provide. Compared to HPS lights, the intensity is near even. What stands out is that LED lights can really excel when measured based on standards for high CRI spectrums. LED lights, in tests, out perform HPS lights every time, even if they don’t seem to actually produce a more intense light. When testing them, LED grow lights were able to produce an even better yield, especially when compared to HPS lights.
  • Low Heat. If you are using HPS grow lights and have to constantly battle heat, LED Grow Lights offer an incredible advantage here. Rather than spending extra money circulating air and attempting to cool it enough to not burn your plants, LED lights can nearly touch your plants without harming them in any way.
  • High Yield. LED lights have been tested on yield time and time again. Overall, most indoor growers that use HPS lights achieve a yield of .5 grams per watt. For comparison, LED lights usually achieve 1g to 1.5g per watt, making them up to three times more effective. With each harvest, you will have three times the product that you would otherwise!
  • Better Lifespan. The average HPS setup lasts for about 10,000 hours. That is a long time when it comes to growing, but LED lights take lifespan so much further. An LED light set-up can last you up to 50,000-100,000 hours. That works out to almost 15 YEARS of quality indoor growing! That makes them cheaper, more efficient, and easier than ever
  • More Versatility. LED Grow Lights are much more versatile. The bulky HPS Lights don’t offer much in terms of versatility. LED lights, however, can be positioned around your plants and relatively close, due to the lack of heat that comes off of them.
  • Type of Light. The type of light that LED lights put out as well is specifically tailored for the flowering and vegetative stages of growth. HPS lights put out the entire wavelength, but LED Grow Lights focus on spectrums that fit the needs of the plants and make sure that every bit of light is used specifically for a phase of the growth process.


Grow Lights LED vs HPS Conclusion

Do they save money? Yes

Do LED Grow lights flower crops when you need them to? Yes

It seems that LED lights certainly are be better for both your wallet and the environment, so take a closer look at LED Grow Lights.

A lot of people think that it sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that there are many very good reasons to choose LED Grow Lights.

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What about Watts?

Many people are comparing LED light solutions and trying to get the same number of Watts as their old High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide or Fluorescent lighting.

With LED lighting you get about the same amount of light (lumens) at a wider color spectrum (CRI) with about 60% less watts!

This is where you save on the power bill!!

So our 192 Watt fixture is the equivalent of a 400 Watt Metal Halide  fixture.

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