Metal Halide versus Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

One of the biggest advantages to Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights versus Metal Halide (MH) bulbs is the fact that Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights consume a fraction of the electricity, as much as 70% less. Another advantage of Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights is their near zero heat signature. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights give off less than 10% of the heat that a high intensity discharge bulb such as metal halide (MH) bulbs.

Not all LED Lights are the Same

Our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are made up of individual diodes that are designed to a wide spectrum of wavelengths necessary for plant photosynthesis. Plant photosynthesis requires many wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are mainly the reds, oranges and blues in the 580-630nm and 420-470nm ranges. Our FullSpectrum LED Grow Lights have the optimal blend of diode ratio best suited for indoor growing based on the photosynthetic action radiation necessary for plant growth as seen below.

24 Watt 5000K 90CRI Full Spectrum LED Strip

Growing with Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights is the way to Grow!

It is the most efficient method of providing a light source necessary for plant photosynthesis.

Also, because LEDs last up to 100 times longer than most bulbs, there is no need to replace a bulb ever.

LED grow lights will give you tremendous electrical savings and will reduce operational costs, providing savings month after month.

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What about Watts?

Many people are comparing LED light solutions and trying to get the same number of Watts as their old High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide or Fluorescent lighting.

With LED lighting you get about the same amount of light (lumens) at a wider color spectrum (CRI) with about 60% less watts!

This is where you save on the power bill!!

So our 192 Watt fixture is the equivalent of a 400 Watt Metal Halide  fixture.

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